March 31, 2014

Springtime in Yosemite: Lookin' more Gnarly than Ever

March 31, 2014

Picky Picks: Reigning in the end of March.

1. Somehow just seeing this for the first time: Star Wars Kid. This dude has some sweet skillz.


2. Watch this video about the Elisha Foundation right here in Bend, OR. An incredible organization to help people with disability around the world. In this case, Eli hiked to the base of Mount Everest finding much new strength within himself and feeding an even greater strength to those he was with.


3. Buy yourself flowers. And 29 other things to make it a better day. 


4. A lavender vanilla infused honey latte. WHAT?! This surprise happened today at Palate. Find other unique latte flavors here.


5. April Fools Day is tomorrow! Last year we made Edible Picky Wings! What are you doing to prank your people?


6. #PickyLife: A tale of Smith Rock.

7. Tedx talks in Bend this month! Watch this talk on 'The Power of Vulnerability' to feel inspired and find local talks in your area.


8.What does your favorite running trail say about you? I could definitely classify people into each of these categories!


9. Wowzer! Watch the preview for Desert Runners here. 1,000km across the world's most treacherous terrain. This movie documents the desert runners conquering the most difficult desert ultra-marathon on earth.


10. Neature Walk on youtube. NEVER. GETS. OLD. 


March 28, 2014

Picky Pictures: The rain is pouring, but were still smilin'

It's that time of week again... Friday! Which means it's time for Picky Pictures. I don't know about you but these people make me want to get out and live! It's been pretty stormy here in Bend this week (must be part of the 65 days withOUT sunshine ;). Thus we are getting inspired from the Picky Club members and adventure enthusiasts all around. Be sure to tag your photos with #pickylife so we can consider your pictures as well in weeks to come. Cheers mates!


March 26, 2014

Picky Life: A tale of Smith Rock

The sun is out. It's hot; sweltering. It's even hotter against the sharp rocks with the sun pounding down and reflecting off the surface. Excited weekenders traipse through the valleys and attempt the hikes and climbs; one of the sharper routes boasts the daunting the name of 'Misery Ridge Trail.' I have arrived at Smith Rock State Park.

Feeling very weary and human, I had driven out to the park with the intention of finding peace, solitude, and recluse. However, once I emerged from the car, those intentions did a flip turn and I was immediately filled with a rush of joy, excitement and adventure. All the locals had been telling me to get out to Smith Rock for months, and almost instantly I understood why. This place was incredibly beautiful and evoked a bit of mystery that allowed my mind to wander to what lay beyond all the rocks or in between the valleys. 

The first steps were slow. I creeped down a steep slope, stopping every five seconds to take a picture. Could a picture even capture this? Probably not. I put my iPhone away and allowed my pace to increase until I was running. If Smith Rock was a drug, I was hooked. The park reeled me in as I went deeper and deeper into the looming rocks. The extra layers were quickly shed as I escaped the world. Rock climbers scaled the vertical ascents with so much skill they appeared as ants crawling up a brick wall. 

I kept going. My heart was pounding quickly inside my chest but seemed to match the rhythm of my stride and breath, a symphony of sound. I was by no means going quickly but with a clear purpose and direction. When you are surrounded by something so majestic, it's easy to believe your purpose and answers will be found somewhere deep in the middle of that park. When I could run no longer, it was easy to give in to the landscape. Slowing to a hike allowed me to take in all the beauty and direct the focus to all the inspiring feats and shenanigans that were being taken on by people in every direction. I flipped my Picky Bars trucker hat around backwards simply to feel like I owned the place. It worked! I was on top of the world.

A group of hikers laughed at me. My lack of preparation was obvious. They were carried by the finest hiking boots and didn't skip a beat when it came to experience. Gels, walking sticks, trail mix, and camelbacks. But I am full of youth and I have a Picky Bar back in the car! I should be fine for at least a couple hours. I laughed back. In my mind all the fancy decorated gear and mungo jungo prevented one from finding the truest freedom in those rocks. There were people very different from myself with different reasons and goals in visiting the park but we are all alive out here, sharing life; sharing something. Getting lost in the park to find similar truths about simplicity and meaning. And we all carry on.

The hours passed as people floated in and out of the park. Some with kids and some over 80. Good on 'em. And they were all out there living the Picky Life and being pretty darn awesome. I started to get cold and visualize the Lauren's Mega Nuts bar that I had left on my dash when I first arrived at the park and was in such a scurry to escape the vehicle. The last 15 minutes seemed like an hour as I nearly crawled back to the car in exhaustion. I tore through my Picky Bar needing that 4:1 ratio to carry me over until I arrived at home. With a Picky Bar in my stomach and Dixie Chicks on the radio it was going to be a good ride back. Today was winning. Maybe not every day would be a trailblazing adventure, but today was. And it ROCKED.



March 24, 2014

Gettin' Inspired in the Spring

Here are our handpicked 'Picky picks' for the week o'er here at Picky Bars. 


1. Swants . Westknits, you are genius, why didn't this happen earlier? You must watch the video at the end. 

2. Field Notes Films. A brand we have been obsessing over makes some pretty rad mini movies. Watch em all!


3. Kara Goucher signs with Oiselle. How refreshing to know that relationships and people are more valued than money. Phewf Dizzle! 


4. Alan Webb snatches up a Twitter handle. Finally dude, thank you!


5.March Madness in the house people! How are your teams doing? 


6. Foster the People made new musixx. And we have been jamming out to it all week long. ALL. WEEK. LONG.


7. So, we know hiking in Bend rawks. How do we go about properly night hiking? Headlamps? Beer? 

(photo from 'The Clymb')

8. Exercise makes you smarter. Boom Chicka Ow Ow.


9. This London ultra runner is going to carry a 100 pound fridge for 100 miles. Is this real life? 


10. Tonx coffee is in DA OFFICE. Subscription fresh roasted coffee service with detailed notes about where it came from? Yes sir.



March 21, 2014

Pictures for the Spring Equinox

Spring is here! And Picky pictures is back. We've rounded up and gathered all of our favorite photos from the past week in order to bring you inspiration and vigor for life. These peeps are up and running all around the world (literally), so let's get excited to live the Picky Life whether that means running across the beach or seeing the most jaw dropping scene from mother nature. Be sure to tag your photos #pickylife so we can remember to consider them when choosing!

March 19, 2014

We can't all be a Pro

An essential part of Picky Bars is the 'Picky Life.' We don't just want peeps to eat the bars (though they are delectable), we want to inspire ya'alls to live in a way that motivates change and empowers you to make the life you lust after a reality. We are generating a new section of the blog on lifestyle advice to do just this! The intention is not to bring about a sappy emotional 'Dear Abbey' column but to think of creative ways to liberate you to explore that tic inside of you that is begging you to really truly live. This section of the blog will be full of tips about how to train, what to eat, how many layers to wear, and anything else our Picky readers are curious to know about. Okay....Begin.

Let's be real. We don't all have time to go for a 50 mile bike ride or run 100 miles a week. But let's be even more real. We all still make time to sit in front of our computers or watch TV or sometimes even stare at the ceiling in despair. Being active is scientifically essential for our happiness, productivity, and quality of life. Modern age doesn't ask us to walk five miles in the snow uphill to get to (and from) work or school so we have to think of creative ways (like this treadmill desk) to get in our daily share of movement.

The most daunting thing to people can be the formidable idea of 'exercise.' Understandable. To be pragmatic, there are much less intimidating ways of lighting up your brain and defining what 'a healthy lifestyle' means for you. Learning from the Blue Zones (5 areas of the world with the greatest % of people above 100) we can see that none of these locations attempt to be the next super mega athlete, but gain health from moderate diet and exercise, living in stress free ways and making time to laugh and spend time working hard and engaging with good people. Note: We still think its beyond rad if you are accomplishing these daunting extreme physical tasks like this 100 mile race. But we also want everyone to recognize how accessible health and goal setting can be. You have an honorable personhood and the right to be proud of yourself for doin’ something totally new. As Theodore Roosevelt said, ‘comparison is the thief of joy’ so let’s compare ourselves only to who we were yesterday.
Okay, so what are we getting at? You! Today we challenge you to define what health means and get after it. Whether that means walking on your lunch break or getting back into a local running club, we want you to find this and, essentially, to be happy. Isn’t that what we all want? We have come up with some easy ideas for you to awake and kindle that active lifestyle inside of ya: join a local running meetup, go for a walk while you are talking on the phone, walk/run/bike your errands instead of driving to them, and listen to a ‘workout mix’ to jam out while you endorphin up (there are 16,000 pre-made lists here).  If groups motivate you then find exercise classes, groups, and dance studios and if nature implores than find a stream, mountain, trail, or schedule your exercise around the sunshine. Reward yourself with coffee or scheduling an ‘exercise date’ with a friend, or buying supa fly workout gear. Clean your house or make a habit of parking far away and taking the stairs and never give up on a day or week. There is always the next hour, morning, and decision. Most importantly, keep laughing and removing stress and living your own version of awesome.

March 18, 2014

Getting some SPRING in our step

This mighty fine weather is changin' tune and we are pretty happy about it. Here are the 'Picky Picks' for the last week of winter in 2014.

1. Project Yosemite. If you haven't watched this video, you need to. It's officially time to be inspired to start planning summer camping and road trips. 

2.Picky peeps love to get their run, hike, and climb on at Smith Rock just outside of Bend. Where is your local 'go-to' for natural inspiration and recluse? 

3. Stuck in a conversation with a pretentious know-it-all? Whip out these words to prove your smarts and sophistication. Ex. John Edgar the third has beleaguered and exacerbated this situation to the point of becoming a total anathema.


4. Okay, it's official. We are in love with Jasyoga. Did you see this post on yoga poses to ease digestion?  They are really wonderful AND effective.

5. Bend, OR ya'alls. The city you'll love to hate.


6. Uh oh. This new app from Jawbone allows you to track your caffeine uptake. Can be sorta scurry!


7. Have you read "Wild" by Cheryl Strayed. A journey of one young women's quest to hike the PCT with zero experience. Cheryl Strayed speaks in Bend this Sunday at 4pm at Deschutes Public Library. The book inspired us and we recommend it to you!


8. Tips & Jokes for 1st time triathletes. Thank you JT. (Jesse Thomas, the more well-known version of 'JT').


9. IMPORTANT: Craft beers to enjoy on St. Patrick's Day


10. Wait, did I mention we love Jasyoga?  Patrick is doing a #hitreset in the office.

March 14, 2014

A Brand New Thang: The week in Pictures

Picky Picks blog has been up and running for a bit of time now featuring our favorite things from the office and quirky songs and videos to pick up your week.

The excitment and inspiration started stirring and 'Picky Pictures' is born. Here it is! Our favorite instagram pics from the week that vibrantly display the Picky Life in all different aspects all over the country. Stay tuned for more pictures each Friday! Instagram @pickybars for special consideration :-D.


Enjoy the beautifully weathered weekend!

March 13, 2014

Da Money Makin $peciali$t

As Picky Bars continues to grow and expand, so does the staff. And thus we birth Mel in Picky HQ. This French speakin' hard workin' professional runner from Reno, NV Nevada is our new 'money makin' specialist.'


How did you stumble across Bend, OR?
I am a runner with the company, Oiselle, and they were starting a group in Bend with other awesome runners. (Lauren Fleshman, Betsy Flood, and Christine Babcock)  I couldn't pass up the opportunity. 


If you could live anywhere else where would it be? Why?
Seattle. It's my most favorite city. I know the rain gets a lot of people down, but I think it is a beautiful place. There is always something going on, it's always green, and when it's sunny, there truly isn't a better place to be.


Tell us about your pet skunks.
Haha! Well let's see mom has two pet skunks. I'll get everyones first and biggest question out the way they can't spray. The little guys names are Amos and Andy, and my parents bought them from a breeder in Ohio. (Fun fact: People have domestically bred skunks for 70 years!) My mom is an animal health technician, and grew up working in a vet office surrounded by weird animals. She also grew up with a three pet raccoons, so I guess you could say that her love from ALL animals started at young age. They are really nice, never bite, and when they aren't "snurffling" for food, they love to play.


What do you love about Picky?
I love the people (the best bunch of people ever!), the environment, and of course the bars.  It's the most stress free and supportive environment anyone could work in. We have fun while getting "ish" done.


How do you live the Picky Life? What does it mean to you?
To me the Picky Life is all about being passionate and "being you."  Whatever and however that may be. Just being awesome and embracing it in all aspects of life. 


Best French phrase?
"avoir l'esprit d'escalier". It  means thinking of that perfect riposte too late.  I like this because it always happens to me. Favorite french word would have to be pamplemousse. It means grapefruit, but it is just fun to say.


Most rad life experience?
Any sort of traveling that I get to it. I love love love to travel.  I studying abroad in Paris a few summers ago, which is pretty high up on the list of experiences. 


Well folks, there is a little piece of the Mel we are learning to know and love. Stay tuned for more didactic (11 words to make you sound smarter) teachings from the Picky Crew.
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